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Acrefine Acoustic Underlayment

EPDM Rubber and Mineral Filler Underlayment

AAF-EMF acoustic underlayment is an insulating material, with a polymer base and mineral fillers, free from bitumen and halogens, comprising a 2 mm layer of special EPDM rubber mix with mineral fillers and surface density of approximately 4 kg/m2 or 5 kg/m2 coated on one side with nonstick gauze, joined on the underside to a layer with a 3mm thickness of fiber.

Key Features
  • Sound and vibration impact isolation
  • EPDM rubber mix with mineral fillers
  •  1m x 3m (h x L) = 3m2 rolls
  • 5mm and 5.5mm thickness
  • Surface weight = 4kg/m2 (5mm)
  • Surface weight = 5kg/m2 (5.5mm)

Acrefine AAF-EMF makes it possible to increase the soundproofing of light floors and increase acoustic insulation from impact noise. It is particularly suited for acoustic insulation of horizontal structures when laid dry. Thanks to its high resistance to abrasion it is recommended for soundproofing of floors in all cases where the impact noise insulation material is subject to mechanical stress during laying. Also excellent for soundproofing of raised technical flooring.